Friday, November 18, 2011

Smoking Room

You'll soon come to see that I come up with some goofy names for my looks. This one is a smokey eye and the lips remind me of the 60's and they smoked a lot in the 60's so it made me think "smoking room" lol. You should have seen the names I had for the titles of my old online journal entries...I would say whatever popped in my head, and some of them were dooooozies. Anyhoo, I wanted to use my new NARS Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I like this look a lot better than the one I posted Last Night.


With my new hat that I just HAD to have lol

and this one I thought showed the eye makeup good, but my face is totally dorky


-BE Foundation in Fairly Medium
-MAC blush in Coppertone and Prism (mixed)
-MUFE HD Powder

-UD Midnight 15 (from the 15th Anniversary Palette)
-MAC Gesso
-Clinique grey eyeshadow (I dont remember the name...its just a pure matte grey)
-UD Ace 9from the 15th anniversary palette)
-Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Deepest Black
-Revlon 3D Mascara Waterproof

-Benefit Lip Plump Primer
-NARS Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


  1. love these smokey eyes, I did something similar recently. great blog, really looking forwards to seeing/being inspired by more of your makeup looks.

  2. Thank you!! I'm really into smokey looks right now. I need to switch it up a bit. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog =)

  3. Girl - you are gorgeous! I remember stalking you like crazy on smokin_makeup on LJ. Are you on Pinterest or YouTube? I'd love to lurk on you a bit more <3

    1. Thanks Michelle!! Man, I haven't been to smokin_makeup in ages. It used to be so good, but then everyone stopped posting lol. I have a Pinterest, and my name on there is ghostieboo, and I also have a youtube channel under visagist vanity....I don't have many videos though...I always feel so awkward on camera. I also have a hard time getting inspired, so if you have any particular looks you'd like a tutorial for, then that would help me out...maybe if I had a reason to do videos i'd do them more often lol