Friday, November 4, 2011

Monistat for hair growth

Hey guys! For the past month i've been using Monistat (yes the stuff for yeast infections..blegh) to help with hair growth. I first learned about this from seeing THIS video.

I will let her explain it to you, so I don't have to.

ANYHOOOO...I just wanted to show my results so far. I use Monistat 7 2% and dilute it with warm water, and use a hair colour applicator to apply it. It looks like it's been working pretty well?

Here is before I started on Sept 27th 2011

Here is today, Nov 4th, 2011

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  1. Good job! This looks like an inch (or more) of growth in 5-6 weeks for you. I just re-added MN to my regimen, so now I am doing:

    1.) MN creme
    2.) Hairfinity vitamins
    3.) Gro-Aut oil
    4.) HairOne conditioning cleanser (sulfate-free)